Sunday, August 21, 2005 toolbar customized

When I bookmark articles with delicious, I like to keep the content on my hard drive, because pages sometimes change, or are removed, or I want to do local searches. I believe this is one reason some people like furl (furl keeps a copy on their server that only yourself can read, but does not allow search).

A combination of slogger and delicious could solve partially the problem. But it is not integrated, I can't get my local version from delicious, so I loose the tagging, listing and all other plus from delicious.

I added my own feature to the delicious toolbar, which I like very much. This new toolbar saves automatically the file you bookmark (on the + button), and will add a link in your delicious home to the local version (if it exists).

I have it publicly accessible at

It is not meant to be used by everybody as it is not official. But the page will give you an idea of what it does. If you think it is useful, I will improve it, otherwise it will stay the way it is because it fits my use.

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