Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Last week Javablogs.com top 10

Most read last week

  1. Tomcat killer ? Not exactly, but ... (322): ... I am impressed. Winstone is a micro servlet container with a distribution size of 160 KB ! And it's also interesting to note that it does not rely on any configuration file. [read]

  2. yet another jboss innovation :-) (299): http://www.jboss.com/products/jbossmc a bit pathetic, isn’t it? [read]

  3. Google seems like a bad career move to me (246): It is fair to say that if you are doing anything cool right now and people know about it that Google will try and recruit you. However, let me ask you this... [read]

  4. 10 Things I've Learnt About Working With Developers (243): I've been a technical writer for 10 years. In those 10 years I've learnt at least 10 things (which means one thing per year, yay) about working with developers. Here they are in no particular order. [read]

  5. Three Languages For Java Programmers (222): Dave Thomas, among others, has been saying for years that you can become a better Java programmer by getting out there and learning some other programming languages. [read]

  6. The next Azureus? (218): Cross your fingers and do the jiggly dance, missy, cuz there’s a new boy in town, and he’s cute, eye-wateringly colorful, and full of Java, Java, Java. [read]

  7. Free Books: Subversion, Jakarta Commons and more (214): I love good books. Good books make the difference between searching google for hours and having the answer right there. Unfortunately, I can't have all the books I want, [read]

  8. There's a lot to love about Eclipse Web Tools Platform...(with screenshots) (203): If you haven't played with Eclipse WTP and you do web development... then today is your day to start. I've been using it for about a month now and I've gotta say I am totally impressed with it. [read]

  9. What's the difference between Java 5 and Java 1.5 (195): We were going to ask the question in the title to people we were interviewing for a job. [read]

Most read last week-end

  1. why he hates tomcat (188): at the bileblog: Why I hate tomcat Of course, I’m sure the tomcat fanboys would quickly whip out their collective p3n15 and wave it about angrily. After all, it’s still popular, right? [read]

  2. The Best Feature Of The Upcoming NetBeans IDE 5.5 (Part 1) (181): NetBeans IDE 5.5 will totally redefine the word "productivity". I mean, forget wimpy little bits of code, pretty little samples, and obsequious hints and suggestions. Think big. How big? Well, [read]

  3. Quit your Day Job (178): It’s been a while since the last post, but a lot has happened for me since then. I’ve taken the plunge and quit my day job. I spent some time thinking down in Australia, [read]

  4. At Last! The Super-Important Bug 5034036 is Fixed! (143): I have been waiting for this one to get fixed. Luckily Sun is putting their effort where it is most needed. It only took two years, which is quite good for a bug this complicated. [read]

  5. Interfaces vs abstract classes (131): I recently read an article titled interface vs abstract class and imagined an Alien versus predator type block buster movie, [read]

  6. Eclipse 3.2RC2 Released (122): Eclipse 3.2RC2 has been released on the world. Build notes for this release are available here . 39 words. [read]

  7. Grail [was: Groovy On Rails] (113): Yesterday I made my first steps with Grails, actually I wanted to get something started with RoR, but I decided otherwise. [read]

  8. Chuck Norris News and Apology (107): Dear readers, first let me apologize for any part I had to play in the series of unfortunate events which have taken place since my posting of java.lang.ChuckNorris.java. [read]

  9. JavaMail goes Open Source (100): JavaMail is now open source as part of the GlassFish project. Can we get those JARs on ibiblio now and make Maven more usable? April 19, 2006 JavaMail is now open source! [read]

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