Thursday, December 21, 2006

Very Quick Django Trial -> Bye Bye Django

I tried a bit django for one very simple thing, where django is not of much use, but it was a way to try it with something else than examples on the site.

Even if django templates features seem very good and very convenient when reading the docs (for example the extends keyword), I found out that the template system is very annoying. Firstly one has to learn another templating system. Secondly, and much more importantly, the debug facilities for templates are close to non existent. I have a better memory using ruby on rails templates (which are not the best either).

Java templates, based on Velocity, JSPs or JSF are much nicer to debug. PHP (which I consider an ugly language that can unfortunately often gets the job done) used to be crap at debugging, but with eclipse plugin phpeclipse it is much better these days.

I think templates play a very important role in web application development, and I am surprised that a framework with so many good ideas fails in reality (at least for me) because debugging templates is a pain. Hopefully it will become better one day, but until then bye bye Django.

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  1. The best PHP IDE today is Zend Studio, which its code completion support is better than the one existed in the best Java IDEs nowadays. I think that the debbugging engine in PHPEclispe is nothing to compare with Zend Studio. However, Zend Studio is big and requires a lot of memory.