Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Why are you not using Entity EJB 1.1?

I am currently quite busy learning about Websphere Commerce. I was surprised to notice that they still use Entity EJBs 1.1. My experience was that many companies turned away from Entity EJBs, sometimes from the beginning, preferring TopLink or Hibernate (later).
I know that Entity EJBs are more heavy to use than Hibernate, but with the proper tooling support, it's not really a big issue. Are there more fundamental reasons? There are probably some mapping limitations, but IBM implementation is apparently quite good in term of features.
I will write a complete post about my own analysis of EJB 1.1 vs IBM EJB 1.1 vs EJB 3.0 vs Hibernate, but I was wondering first what was your feedback on EJB 1.1.

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  1. I'm with Deniz on this one, plus the following:
    * Modifying an EJB means recreating and deployiung the whole EAR. Not a nice thing to do with IBM tools (depending on you memory availability and number of EJB, this process can take longer than an hour).
    * If you have a transaction that involves several EJB instances, all of them are kept in memory. There was no way to finetune this.
    * Forget about doing batch processing when EJBs are involved.