Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ubuntu 7.10 vs Fedora Core 8 - Gutsy vs Werewolf

I was pretty happy with Ubuntu 7.10, but when Fedora 8 came out I decided to give it a try. Last time I tried it it was Core 2 or something like that, and it was NOT good.

At first Fedora 8 looks quite good, has a good Live CD install, reminiscent of Ubuntu.  The positive side is that it is based on the latest Kernel. It manages my Thinkpad T42 very well (suspend, hibernate work). But after a few days, one notice Fedora is not as stable as Ubuntu, for example:
  • I have had weird behavior with windows not being updated properly
  • I experienced big problems when playing with LVM,
  • It is also a general impression when interacting with the system.
One can wonder why Fedora 8 does not install OpenOffice by default.
Ubuntu is IMHO still the king of distros.


  1. I've been using Fedoras from number 6 on, and i never had problems with openOffice not being installed (and in fact you get _more_ packages in Fedora than in Ubuntu -- I know it's only ~9000 packages, but nost of them are actively developed ond upgraded)

  2. Worst comparison ever... You basically said: Fedora has this, this, this, but Ubuntu is just better...

  3. I changed my mind about Fedora 8 since. This is what I currently use because it is more up-to-date.

    See http://chasethedevil.blogspot.com/2008/02/fedora-8-vs-ubuntu-8.html

    Btw Linus uses Fedora as well!