Thursday, July 17, 2008

Suse 11 with KDE4

I was very disappointed by KDE 4.0 when I first tried it on an ubuntu machine. It was just unusable. I would not have even considered it as a beta.

I changed the system on my home laptop because Ubuntu with KDE 4 was there. I decided to go for something more roots. I had good memories of Gentoo when I tried it some years ago. Maybe I just became too old to appreciate it anymore. But after spending several hours on a Grub error 2 problem, seeing the live CD does not even use grub so you can't use the CD to boot from hard drive and fix the problem easily, wondering if the problem was a problematic Grub version with my drive or not (I never had problems with Grub and other distros on that same machine before), I decided to install OpenSuse 11.

I was surprised (and impressed by Suse) that KDE 4.xx shipped with OpenSuse was usable! Except the program menu, it's not worse than KDE 3.

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