Thursday, January 08, 2009

Object Oriented Analysis And Design with Applications Book Review

A while ago, I had a comment from someone implying I knew nothing about OO programming because I had not mentioned (and therefore read) Object Oriented Analysis And Design with Applications from G. Booch. I was intrigued by such a silly comment and decided to look at this book that was considered as the bible of OOP.

Well, I don't find it that good! But I don't find the bible particularly good either. I like B Meyer Object Oriented Software Construction book much more, because it is more practical, more in touch with realities while pointing at the real important problems like: "Real systems have no top"

In contrast G Booch book has too much evident concepts that don't really make you learn anything or think things a different way. It is a good book for someone who is learning OO for the first time. It covers the subject in details, but I did not find anything in it that made me say "wow!". It is like most other book you can find on OO. Furthermore only the first parts are on OO, the rest is more a UML tutorial.

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