Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gnome 3 not so crap after all

In a previous post, I was complaining how bad Gnome 3 was. Since I have installed a real dock: docky, it is now much more usable. I can easily switch / launch applications without an annoying full screen change.

In addition I found out that it had a good desktop search (tracker). The ALT+F2 also does some sort of completion, too bad it can not use tracker here as well.

So it looks like Gnome 3 + gnome-tweak-tool + docky makes a reasonably good desktop. XFCE does not really fit the bill for me: bad handling of sound, bad default applications, not so good integration with gnome application notifications.

Now if only I found a way to change this ugly big white scrollbar...


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  2. moved again to KDE on my laptop. I was having some stability issues with Gnome 3 that I don't have with KDE.