Monday, June 24, 2013

Godaddy sold my domain name

I discovered that suddenly emails sent to me bounced back yesterday. I logged in my godaddy account and to my surprise saw that I did not own any domain name anymore. I looked at my emails to see if I had received a warning as is usually the case when your domain is about to expire. There was none recent, the most recent was from may 2011, the last time I had renewed my domain.

I then tried to buy again the same domain name only to discover it was already taken! The whois record indicated a day old registration through godaddy itself.

It's no coincidence that godaddy sells for 3 times the price the possibility to try to take over a domain as soon as it will expire. I find particularly dishonest that in this case they fail to warn their own customers that their domain is about to expire. As a result of this policy, someone else will take over the domain through them for a much higher price. A conflict of interest.

From now on I will not register a domain through a registrar that offers the service to snatch up a domain.

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  1. Sorry you had to go through this. I registered multiple domains with them as well. I just hope this doesn't happen to me. Thanks for sharing your experience! I will definitely keep an eye on my account to ensure this doesn't happen.