Monday, January 06, 2014

Random Hardware Issues

Today, after wondering why my desktop computer became so unstable (frequent crashes under Fedora), I found out that the micro usb port of my cell phone has some kind of short circuit. My phone behaves strangely in 2014, it lasted nearly 1 week on battery (I lost it for half of the week), and seems to shutdown for no particular reason once in a while.

On the positive side, I also discovered, after owning my monitor for around 5 years, that it has SD card slots on the side, as well as USB ports. I always used the USB ports of my desktop and never really looked at the side of my monitor...

I also managed to seriously boost the speed of my home network with a cheap TP-Link wifi router. The one included in the ISP box-modem only supported 802.11g and had really crap coverage, so crap that it was seriously limiting the internet traffic. In the end it was just a matter of disabling wifi and DHCP on the box, adding the new router in the DMZ, and adding a static WAN IP for the box in the router configuration. I did not realize how much of a difference this could make, even on simple websites. I was also surprised that, for some strange reason, routers are cheaper than access points these days.

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