Tuesday, February 04, 2014

An SSD instead of a laptop

Last week, my work laptop died after spilling out some water on its keyboard inadvertently. Fortunately, its SSD was intact.

As the laptop SSD connector (SATA) and power follow the desktop computers standards, and as I use Linux, I just plugged the SSD to my home desktop and booted off the SSD. I had to change slightly the X configuration but otherwise everything worked. Linux is great for that.

The same way, I just plugged the SSD to the desktop at work and it worked. Instead of carrying a laptop, I carry now my small & ultra-light SSD.

The experience is so good, that it seems to me it should be an option to everybody. Before, hard drives were very sensitive to travel, but now with SSDs, I don't really see why we should carry a screen and a keyboard unless we use them (for example in a travel). Also I find that I actually notice the speed difference between my desktops and former laptop, which I never really paid too much attention to before.

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