Thursday, September 29, 2005

Interesting Plug-In Framework - DPML Transit

Today, I just found out about DPML Transit, it is a small framework that helps you build plug-ins based software. It seems to work a bit with DPML Magic, their build system based upon Ant. Both are quite interesting, since in big projects, you often end up with a packaging per component (which DPML Magic seems to make very simple) and a versioning of those components. DPML Transit allows then for an efficient way to look up a particular version of one component.

I have not heard of DPML before, they seem to write useful software. Has anybody used those frameworks already?

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  1. The Magic product has recently been refactored to separate the general concern of transitive dependency managment from the build strategy. The result is a new package named dpml-depot-library and a console application that supports plugin based builders (the default builder is Ant based and leverages the Library API for shared project and resource defintions).

    Above this the DPML have a Part API that associated network accessible datastructures with controllers. This enables remote deployment of applications (the part controller) using part descriptors (e.g. component deployment data). They also have a multi-JVM application managment platform that handles remote deployment of components (parts) on a target machine.

    For more info:

    Transit (Resource Managment)
    Depot (Build System)
    Metro (Component Management Runtime)
    Metro Station (application management)

    Cheers, Steve.