Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Javablogs.com 2005 Top 20

Most read in 2005

  1. New in Hibernate 3: Criteria API enhancements (816): Projection, aggregation, subselects, detatched criterias - its all there in the Hibernate 3 Criteria API. Let me show you some examples, starting with the new projection API.… [read]

  2. Hello, IDEA! (555): From the recent Java IDE discussions, it seems like there's a good portion of Java programmers who don't know IntelliJ IDEA, or simply haven't tried it yet. In this short screencast,… [read]

  3. Hey Gosling: This is why we don’t use Java 5.0 yet! (461): Whenever there is a major JDK update everyone on the Sun Microsystems side seems to love to beat the drum of upgrading.… [read]

  4. MSN7.5?? (450): ?????Google Talk????????????????????????????????????Google Talk???????? Google Talk????????????????????????????????????   [read]

  5. The worst code I've ever seen. Yes, that's true. (422): I've been in this business for 25 years and have been programming since the mid seventies. Even when I was a young pup, full of bright ideas and hubris and those around me were at least as bad,… [read]

  6. JSP is officially dead (407): Well, it looks like with the Final Draft of Java EE 5, the final nail has been placed in JSP's coffin.… [read]

  7. My wife is hot and she can code, too (400): My wife Keri loves puzzle games--tetris, scrabble, crosswords, text twist--any game where you have to figure something out, she's on it. She has a degree in CS, and is employed as a UI specialist,… [read]

  8. IBM announced SOMA - Service-Oriented Modelling and Architecture (396): [read]

  9. G-mail runs on Tomcat???!!!!! (390): Well, hello guys and gals...haven't been in the Java blog scene recently, but am glad to know Java is going strong as ever (not that I ever doubted it,… [read]

  10. Web Services articles (374): [read]

  11. Bill Gates tries Firefox (362): Tim Weber of the BBC reporter rustles up Bill Gates quote of 2005: Bill Gates is one of the people with Firefox on his computer, so I asked him for his opinion. I played around with it a bit,… [read]

  12. Language Oriented Programming: Everything is a Language (361): Some people don't 'get' Language Oriented Programming. It's a different perspective. Once you make the mental shift, everything starts to fall into place. Over the past few months,… [read]

  13. The killer app for Web 2.0 has arrived (356): Time to throw in the towel, 37 Signals. The future has arrived: iClock (via flocksucks) [read]

  14. New Search Engine Blows Google Away (356): After months of incredibly secret development, PreviewSeek Limited has launched the PreviewSeek search engine. My initial impression? It blows google away with its far more powerful searches. [read]

  15. Death to Apache (356): So our Apache heros have now decided that it isn't quite enough to prove to the world that they are abysmal failures at producing a J2EE container,… [read]

  16. WebSphere 6.0 System Management Enhancements (356): [read]

  17. It's Official, Struts is History! (352): [read]

  18. What Steve isn't telling us (348): So the rumors were true, Apple is really switching to Intel.  There are a lot of interesting things in Steve Jobs' keynote, as usual, but the most interesting part is,... [read]

  19. RE: Why I Ditched Hibernate (346): I saw this post and couldn't help but respond. The post's author, Bruce, is ditching Hibernate and Spring b/c he wants to use a connection pool (configured in Tomcat) instead.… [read]

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