Thursday, August 17, 2006

5 Minutes of Google Spreadsheets

Today I noticed a Google Spreadsheets link in my gmail screen. I had read about it but never bothered to try before. In the finance industry, a lot of traders use excel, so I was wondering if Google spreadsheets could be another fit.

Unfortunately for Google, under Linux at least, I don't find Google Spreadsheets usable for anything else than storing and sharing some information, not often updated. Although I admire the engineers that managed to write the Javascript behind Google Spreasheet, it is way too slow for using it in interesting ways. Editing is slow, copy/paste is slow, sorting is slow.

I then wondered if it could read my contacts CSV from GMail (you can export contacts to a CSV file in Gmail). It could be a better interface to edit contacts. But strangely, importing Gmail CSV in Google Spreadsheets does not work.

I don't think I'll use it another 5 more minutes.

1 comment :

  1. Hi, I am Cliff from EditGrid. Besides Google spreadsheets, there are various online spreadsheets working in different directions, includes EditGrid and Numbler which you may wish to try. EditGrid can get live stockquote and forex. Here is a demo. Besides this, our API and Localisation Project are now available, allows you to build you apps and use EditGrid in your language.

    Of course we wouldn't forget our fundamentals, the spreadsheet functions, drag and fill, advance number formatting, undo/redo... all are available. Here is a comparison between EditGrid and Google.